Montana means so many things. Quiet expansive prairies, craggy and watchful mountains, and sky as far as the eye can see. People come to Montana in search of something simple, and innate. A state that feels, truly, like the last best place in a country that is too busy to stop and breath.

At Bozeman Flea we seek to cultivate a community of makers, artists, and collectors who are devoted to infusing the spirit of Montana into their lives and work.


Jasmine Snyder


Jasmine is a self proclaimed vintage/thrift addict and basically conceived of Bozeman Flea as a solution to that addiction. Now she can satisfy her love of "the hunt" without overstocking her closet with items she just won't get around to wearing...

In her other lives she is a studio artist, graphic designer, and specialty cake baker. Her business WHIPPED has been feature in Explore Big Sky, and Montana Bride and she is know for creating pastries that can best be described as edible art.


Kate Lindsay


As the creative force behind the Pretty Palomino, a one pony show offering clients endless creative options from illustration and design to thoughtful styling and curating, Kate provides the Bozeman Flea with and unshakable aesthetic, and passion to spare.

Kate is an adventurous storyteller, most happy knee deep in a veritable harem of artistic pursuits. Between managing her business and lending a refined flourish to community events and projects, you can find her lusting over antiques or cuddling animals.

Tammy Czapp

The indelible Tammy Czapp was our very first committee member! Her enthusiasm, and dedication to Bozeman Flea is matched only by her boundless creative energy.

After several years working as an interior designer Tammy switched gears and began to develop her business, Stella. Under the Stella "umbrella" she creates unbelievable jams with a seasonal sensibility, and one of a kind greeting cards.

Angela Yonke

Photographer, crafter, collector, all around rad chick: Angela does it all! She contributes her artistic eye, vendor experience, craftsmanship, and incredible sense of humor to the Flea. If you see any beautiful photographs on our website chances are they are courtesy of Angela.

Keep your eyes out at future markets for Angela's booth where you'll find an eclectic range of items, from totally tubular 80's duds to photographic jewelry. She's also an incredible dancer...              Just saying'.

Even Howard

Even's experience in facilitating growth in non-profit and artisan communities, coupled with an extensive knowledge of social media renders her invaluable! After 7 years in San Francisco where she worked as the Captain of the San Fran. Etsy Team, she has returned to her Montana Roots, bringing with eh a passion for developing artisan communities. 

As if that weren't enough, she is also a seasoned market vendor with two wildly creative bodies of jewelry work!

Erin Schattaur

Erin's wealth of expertise in journalism, copywriting, and media are a very welcome addition to the Bozeman Flea Team. As the Managing Editor at Townsquare Media she is more than familiar with creating one of a kind experiences.

And with a background in journalism she understands just how to communicate what WE are doing to YOU, and we are so glad she does!


Anna Boswell

Anna is the talented brains (and hands) behind our beautiful posters, flyers, and signs. She is the proud owner of Cast Calligraphy where she occupies her time hand writing and designing  stationary, logos, wedding invitations, and signs. 

Basically everything she touches turns to pin worthy gold, and we are so lucky to have her on our team!